Deep Water Prompt #1267

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A very small deity lived in my kitchen, in the shape of a praying mantis.

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Here is my submission to the prompt:

For a time, a very small deity lived in my kitchen, in the shape of a praying mantis. In my defense, didn’t know she was a deity when I rescued her from the ditch. I had been walking home in the rain and looked down to see her clinging with her little arms to a twig barely sticking up above the flow of water. I’d reached down and encouraged her to climb onto my fingers, utterly shocked when she’d climbed on promptly and willingly. In hindsight, that should have been my first clue that she wasn’t what she seemed. She’d clung to me carefully with her pincer arms, and climbed delecately down onto my kitchen counter once I made it home. I didn’t think it terribly odd. Then, she’d held utterly still as I dried her carefully with a cotton swab. I didn’t figure it out then, either. Honestly, I only really started to suspect that something strange was going on with my little house guest refused to leave.

I’d taken her carefully onto my fingertips once the rain had stopped and taken her outside to the bushes outside my home. She wouldn’t climb off. Then, after I’d carefully scraped her off with a leaf, she took wing and landed back on my hand. After five minutes of me trying to get her to stay and her refusing to, I eventually just went back inside. It was only once I’d deposited her back on my kitchen counter that she spoke and I knew for sure that she wasn’t normal.

“This is my temple, and you are my first worshiper. Kneel before me and be blessed.”

My knees gave out in shock. She accepted me on my butt as supplication.

“Be blessed.”

And green obscured my vision.

When my vision cleared, I saw myself as if I was looking in the mirror, sitting on my butt on my kitchen floor. Looking down, my arms were those of a praying mantis. I tried to scream, but only made a strange clicking noise with my mandibles.

My body smiled.

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